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Here are some links to fellow dojo sites, friends, and fellow travelers on the path of Budo and classical martial arts.

The Classic Budoka blog:


Wayne's monku-ing (moaning and groaning) blog site on things martial and otherwise.

Takeuchi-ryu in Japan

Choufukan Dojo and Ono Yotaro sensei's landscaping site:

Ono sensei's site for the Choufukan and his landscape architecture. In Japanese.

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Takeuchi-ryu Bitchuuden:


Takagi Hitotsugu shihan's web site for all things Bitchuuden Takeuchi-ryu. There are links to other Takeuchi-ryu sites. In Japanese. In the photo, Takagi shihan offers a glass of sake. 2010.

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Takeuchi-ryu soke line:

The soke line of the Takeuchi-ryu's web site.


TR Outside of Japan

Gyofukan (USA):

Gyofukan is Anthony Abry's dojo. Right now it is in hiatus, but Anthony just moved to Portland, Oregon and once he settles down, he hopes to start up his dojo again. Anthony is one of the top-ranking Takeuchi-ryu practitioners outside of Japan.

Shoufukan (Canada):

alex keppan

Alexander Kask has to draw blood to sign his keppan (blood oath) for his chuuden mokuroku (2011).
The Shoufukan is at the University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada, run by Alex Kask.

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Shoufukan (UK):

It sounds the same in English but the kanji is different. This Shoufukan is run by Anna Seabourne, the highest ranked non-native Japanese practitioner of the Bitchuden Takeuchi-ryu.

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Andrew Antis' study group. Andii is currently a professor teaching in Michigan, no longer in San Francisco.


MJER Friends

Shin Ken Kai Iaido Dojo:

Ken Maneker sensei's Shin Ken Kai organization web site, in Canada. Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu and Hoki-ryu under the Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei.


Related Friends

Araki-ryu Torite Kogusoku, USA:

Ellis Amdur teaches Araki-ryu, a sogo bujutsu system, in Seattle, Washington. He is also a writer and advisor on crisis management. A very excellent practitioner of Araki-ryu, and a good acquaintance.

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Araki Muninsai-ryu iaido, USA:

An iaido, kenbu and shigin (sword dance) group, headed by Bob Corrella.

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Hawaii Karate Museum, University of Hawai'i at Manoa:

An amazing collection of books on the history of karate in Okinawa (and other martial arts), collected by a friend, Charles Goodin, and donated to the University of Hawai'i's library. Many of these rare books have been copied to PDF format and are available for download, including a first edition 1935 copy of Funakoshi Gichin's Karatedo Kyohan.


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Hikari Dojo Hawaii:

Charles Charles Goodin (in the photo) founded this karate school, in my opinion one of the most classical yet forward-thinking karate dojo in Hawaii. The dojo does Kishaba Juku Shorin-ryu karate jutsu and Yamani-ryu bojutsu.


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Shudokan Martial Arts Association:

SMAA logo The Shudokan (SMAA) is an international umbrella organization of Japanese budo practitioners. The SMAA has extensive connections with top Japanese budo instructors. Wayne Muromoto is on the US Board of Advisors and frequently contributes articles to its newsletter. Be forewarned that there is another group with the same initial of SMAA that is NOT the Shudokan. Don't mix the two up.

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Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu, USA:

Phil and Nobuko The official TSKSR organization associated with Otake Risuke sensei of the main line Katori Shinto-ryu, headed by Phil Relnick (left in the photo; his wife Nobuko is whacking him with a kusarigama). Relnick sensei also heads a Shinto Muso-ryu Jodo group.



Budo Support, Stores

Futago Trader:

Futago Trader sells books, assorted modern and koryu budo gear, and so on. They have some really unusual and hard-to-get books for sale.

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Meik and Diane

Run by Diane and Meik Skoss, one of the best resources in English on koryu bujutsu (plus they're my buddies!). Meik and Diane also teach Toda-ha Buko-ryu naginata, Shinto Muso-ryu jo and Yagyu Shinkage-ryu. Just be careful of Meik's bilingual puns!


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I always stop in their outlet near the Kyoto Budo Center (former Butokuden). They also are very reliable in doing international sales through their web site. Good people.


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